photographer Jessica Blaine Smith

of love studio is an extension of Alanna Chelmick and is the culmination of creativity, intuition, and an innate love for collecting distinct second hand items. 

The studio grew out of a natural progression of her art practice and the ability to find unique textiles and beautiful pieces at thrift stores. Using mostly natural dyes, found textiles are given new hues and charged with therapeutic intention.

At a day long silkscreen making workshop a few years ago, Alanna made her own silkscreen to share her decade old tag “what would love do now?”. Slowly she started printing it on clothing, totes and posters. It made other humans happy too! It was at this same workshop she discovered she would have more space to expose on her silkscreen so she drew up another image quickly on the spot and it has since been screened on hundreds of upcycled t-shirts. It could now be recognized as the “of love eye”. It is a joy to print these odes on clothing and see it add loving intention and brightness to the universe.